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Sergio Carbonell

My name is Sergio Carbonell, and I’ve been on the internet since people didn’t know what an “@” was and they asked for your fax number instead of your email address; I have grown several companies and ALL of them have used online marketing to develop above their competition in different sectors, online and offline.

In the meantime, the digital environment has made me grow as a person, allowed me to make a living from my work and made me meet amazing people; And Markemia is a result of all these years; I hope you enjoy it;

"The cost of getting it wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing;

Seth Godin
More than 20 years in own projects

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Marketing agency with 100% results and 0% technical complications; dot.

If our customer does not understand what we are doing, we are doing it wrong. The online part of your company is your place of growth, ask us

your corporate image company at the point of sale throughout Spain. Think global, sign local.

14 sign making factories with national service and our own image implementation system. 14000m2 of production, and 25 years of experience.

I like marketing and people

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I like marketing and people

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